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Made in Italy - IT-Made-IN

Garanteed Authentic Italian Products)
POR FESR Tuscany 2014-2020

The GAIP-E-COMMERCE Project aims to set up a showcase for all products that use the color code and are guaranteed MADE IN ITALY products  MADE IN ITALY (MADE IN ITALY and COLOR CODE)

The COLOR CODE code guarantees the traceability of made in Italy products. On the one hand, traceability serves to counteract counterfeiting of made in Italy products.

On the other hand, to be a guarantee mark for MADE IN ITALY  products (IT MADE IN ) in guaranteeing the buyer of his purchase.

IT MADE IN (The VERO MADE IN ITALY – GAIP (Guaranted Authentic Italian product) is a portal where the consumer is guaranteed to buy made in Italy products that he can control independently using the color code on the product label.

All the products of the IT MADE IN ITALY– COLOR CODE network will be available on the Internet portal for both purchase and verification of its traceability

The whole traceability system is based on  COLOR CODE technology

EuroETP sas. Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020

E-COMMERCE GAIP(Guaranteed Authentic Italian Products)

This project follows on from the «WEBMARKETING GAIP» project which led to the creation of a web marketing and social media marketing campaign aimed at acquiring a series of producers to be included in the MADE IN ITALY GAIP network.
Currently in the network there are already about 10 producers and there are at least as many in the process of joining.

The purpose of this project is instead to develop a marketing campaign to bring the final consumer to access the e-commerce site, put him in contact with the producers already present on the site and that will be inserted, and thus give life to the marketing of Made products. in Italy, supported by the Color Code traceability system.
The initial campaign and of this project will be limited to Europe, in a second phase also to the rest of the world.