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EURO ETP as (R&D ) Research and Development operates in the technological field with European partners and Italian universities to develop innovative products:
COLOR CODE Technology and IT MADE IN ITALY platform– for the protection of made in Italy products Control systems.
GIS technology and its applications also in the environmental and energy saving fields.
Voip systems evolved on OPEN SOURCE platforms

Network support services

EURO ETP offers its partners all the support services to lead them to be competitive on the market and above all to be customer oriented towards their customers.
The company’s mission is not to sell products but starting from the customer’s needs, solutions are seen.
This is done in collaboration with its partners.
The network of partners allows EURO ETP as SME to have complex projects also developed in the area From the long experience of its suppliers in the field of system integration, EURO ETP supports its partners in the technological field and with them provides turnkey systems to its customers.
With the EURO ETP network of installers even though SME is able to operate throughout the national territory .
The company operates in the following sectors providing in addition to the products also support services directly or through its partner network: in the environmental field by providing technological systems in the field of land management such as the SW TerPLAN platform and renewable energy Photovoltaic, wind and energy saving.
It supports the partners throughout the process: from design to testing with the parallel bureaucratic procedural phases of interface with the GSE for obtaining the contributions to the Energy Account.
In the telecommunications sector, it supports partners in addition to the use of open source Voip technology on the ASTERISK – VOISPEAK platform, or the ALCATEL technology: OMNIPCX OFFICE, OMNIPCX ENTERPRISE to develop complex and customer-oriented projects and systems to effectively meet all the needs of the customer. In the automation sector with innovative systems that go towards the concept of remote integration and management.