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EURO ETP il presente e la sua storia

EURO ETP the present and his history

EURO ETP’s mission is not to distribute products but to offer its partners a high-tech service to be more competitive on the market and lead them towards the philosophy of customer satisfaction, placing the customer and his needs at the center.
The philosophy of EURO ETP is to start from the customer’s needs and find the technology and the optimal solution to satisfy them.

His flagship projects currently are: Color code technology is an encrypted code of very high potential that opens up to vast applications in the most disparate fields.

A first application is in the field of anti-counterfeiting of made in Italy products.

The EURO ETP company owns the brand and the guarantee system for products marked with the COLOR CODE code.
EURO ETP and the MADE IN ITALY- Garanted authentic Italian products (GAIP).

The project is the construction of a network of made in Italy producers who use color code technology to guarantee their products. In addition, all manufacturers are in the showcase to market their products in EUROPE and around the world.

The project has the ambition to change the paradigm of electronic commerce. To form a network where the consumer is guaranteed to purchase guaranteed and authentic made in Italy products with the tracking of color code technology .

In addition to the company’s leading activities, since its foundation it has operated in the environmental field both in the development of Territorial Systems on GIS technology and in proposing syImmagini_paterno_02stems with high technological content in the field of renewable energy.
Among the SW platforms in the environmental field, the most common is the TerPlan platform on GIS technology, an integrated platform to manage the technical office of any municipality but also suitable for professionals from architects to surveyors who work in the environmental sector and in the territory; but also to specialized professionals such as noise analysts or land planners at urban and traffic level.

Systems in the telecommunications field such as the VOISPEAK range of products, new generation PABX full IP developed on the Open Source VOIP platform.

VOIP tetelefoniachnology today essential to obtain high performance services at very low cost.
The VOISPEAK platform is aimed at the business world from small offices to large companies distributed throughout the territory that also operate with various operators and also at internetional  level.

In addition to a parallel market, EURO ETP also caters to a vertical market by offering customer oriented applications for particular situations that the many standard platforms cannot satisfy. EURO ETP goes where others cannot by being very flexible in adapting the VOISPEAK platform to customer needs.